The Grand Deception that is “legal”

“I wouldn’t do that if i were you, it’s illegal!” A simple statement you might hear from a friend or a stranger on the street but if you’ve never asked yourself what the difference is between the words legal and lawful then you will be oblivious to the grand deception that has humanity enslaved. To the unaware, which unfortunately seems to be most of mankind, the legal system is a machination so dark and sinister that it’s true nature is only comprehensible to those willing to stare evil straight in the eyes. In the most basic sense, legal is that which is unlawful. Another way to look at it would be to understand that legal is immoral action and lawful is moral action. The problem is that most people are inherently good and choose to believe that the systems of society are generally fair and conclude that there’s really no need to be so suspicious of such institutionalized ideas such as the legal system. It is this naive complacency that has allowed evil to darken our doors. Legal is the brainchild of kings, emperors and their merchant cohorts throughout the ages that have spun and manipulated language to fool the people. Legal is a mental construct arising out of the depths of darkness to enslave the common people; the ordinary, vulgar subjects under reign of the ruling class. Those subjects would be us, most of us at least who day in day out never question the concepts of legal vs lawful and the dictates of an ever suppressing, overbearing false authority we collectively call government. The simple fact that the study of law and its execution within society has been, in large part, the exclusive domain of upper class ivy league educated sons and daughters of an elite class of people should be our first reason for suspect. One must also wonder; why the darkness? Shouldn’t those tasked with the responsibility of honouring truth and justice and all it represents be adorned in white garb and be offering words of peace and wisdom? Should a court of law not be a harbour of the light and a shield of the dark?  Instead they are dark, intimidating halls of lies and deception. They are the dwelling places of the priests of Babylon, the principalities of darkness.

So how does one come to such a “paranoid” conclusion on the subject? Cause no doubt anyone new to the information will shout paranoid! Years of research and discoveries, questioning everything, being skeptical, challenging authority but really just wondering WTF! What in the world is happening and why? How is it that large corporations get away with literal murder and leave a path of death and destruction behind while individual men and woman are incarcerated, sometimes for life in the THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and other corporations, I mean countries, same thing, for something so seemingly natural and innocent as possessing cannabis?

To be continued…